Open more doors for EV with Gen Z

The electric vehicle craze is on and it is here to stay. Their motors are becoming more sustainable and powerful, and their batteries more reliable and long-lasting. Finding a charging station is becoming less of a hassle, and with fewer emissions in the air, means a potentially cleaner planet. But that still doesn’t mean everyone’s on board.

Although people know the hard-hitting facts in favor of going electric, a large percentage of those who are car buyers cite significant concerns. From range anxiety to repair costs to the concerns of look and performance, EVs are yearning to be normalized. The possible turning point? The Gen Z sustainability revolution — Gen Zers concerns for the environment makes them the perfect ambassadors for EV because it’s the kind of thing they care about and want to spend their money on.

To potentially shift mindsets on EVs for good, Gen Zers have the opportunity to promote their concerns for the environment and show support for EVs by using their favorite social media platform — TikTok. The video-sharing and social networking service allows users to create short-form videos on a range of subject matters that last around 15 seconds (or more). Plus, this №1 platform among Gen Zers is entirely unique. Every day, people participate in campaigns, add contextually relevant content to them, and even create their own TikTok videos for brands and products they love. The platform’s branded solutions aren’t perceived as “ads” by audiences but rather entertainment, with a high rate of engagement too. Combined with TikTok’s innovative content graph framework, a brand’s creative can quickly find the right audience for each product they want to advertise. So as a marketer, you’re working smarter, not harder. Creating a form of normalcy behind the product consumers are interested in on TikTok could be an excellent way to get EV products out there for brands/marketers.

But the trick with TikTok is to know what creative to use with your targeting strategy for maximum engagement. TikTok is gaining traction with not only Gen Zers, but others, and you have to know how to talk to each of them. Gen Z reports that 28% already have an account with 26% likely to create one. 21% of Millennials already have an account with 17% likely to develop one. And 10% of Gen X already have an account with 9% likely to create one. Still, there is a 15%-20% engagement rate with each TikTok video and roughly 1 billion people who use it daily.

Now that we know the benefits of going EV and how Generation Z can normalize and engage audiences through TikTok, what’s next? Partnering with LUDWIG+ brings a strategy and creative genius to EV marketers that makes their products desirable to the right audience, the right way, at the right time. By extracting human truths from the creative problem at hand, we can help create acceptance while keeping EV content fun, fresh and conceptually relevant for the generations to come.

Just as when people were first introduced to advancements like the cell phone or computer, it took time to become part of our everyday lives. And at LUDWIG+, we have what it takes to help EV brands with marketing solutions that are as innovative as the vehicles themselves.



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